PAC Member “Stremseekers” built a cache retrieval tool that quickly got dubbed the StremPole(tm).

He writes: “This is the cache retrieval tool I made. 8 sections of 3/4 PVC and each section has a coupling secured to it. Inside of the assembly is a rubber band like a bungee cord which serves two purposes. One is to hold all sections together tight. (Does help it to remain more rigid). Second is to allow me to fold it like a tent stake and it keeps the pieces all together. It does bow a little but most of what im getting is above my head or below my feet.”

Strempole construction

“The hook allows me to lift up or pull down. It screws to pole to keep it on. I have also used it to drag.”

StremPole hook attachment

“This is the magnet. It holds nano or micro. It screws to pole. You place the cache as I have, put it where it goes and when you’re there you pull the string back and my magnet releases and magnet on cache takes over.”

StremPole magnet attachment