OpenStreetMaps on Garmin

by Korey99 – 5/15/13

If you have a Garmin device, but didn’t purchase a set of street maps to go with it, you can get some pretty decent road maps from OpenStreetMaps. With a lot of devices, these maps are “routable,” meaning it can calculate an on-road route to a destination, complete with turn-by-turn navigation.

Even if you already have street maps on your device, you might still consider loading OpenStreetMaps because they contain our PAC Trail Maps.

You must have a Garmin device which supports uploading maps (such as an Oregon, GPSMAP 60, GPSMAP 62, Colorado, Nuvi, Streetpilot, etc).

There are many ways to put OSM on your Garmin device, but the simplest way to use some pre-made IMG files.

The first thing to do is to head to
That site has pre-made chunks of the US. They are divided up in west-to-east slices and different file sizes. You just pick the longitude range and the file size you want. I like the 500MB pieces, and it’s OK to load more than one. Peoria’s longitude is about -89.5, so I picked the following file:


Keep in mind the file names change regularly, so just grab the file or files that encompass the range of longitude (west-to-east) you want covered. The file I chose doesn’t given me much extra room to the west, so I might grab the next one as well.

Put that file into the \Garmin folder on your device. To activate the map on my device (an Oregon 550), I have to go to Setup > Map > Map Information. Enable the one called “OSM street map.” That’s all!